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Greatest Nits - International Nits Convention - Frog Remix CD-single

The unique and limited Frog Remix CD-Single can be obtained by sending an e-mail request to Jolanda van Huizen.
This is the message she put on the mailing list with the info:

everybody who visited INC 2000 2 weeks ago got a free Frog Remix CD-single, containing 1 song: the Frog Remix, mixed by Dutch duo Arling & Cameron.
We also sold the single but... we didn't sell all of them. Those of you who couldn't come or who were there but want more copies, can order a copy by mailing
me and I'll send you a Frog Remix copy by the end of this year.

I'm not sure bout the prize yet, will probably be about 10 Guilders, I'll let you know as soon as I know more.
I can't tell you what we will do with the money yet... As soon as I know more bout that as well, I'll let you know.

So if you want this single, mail me your address. As soon as I know the exact prize I'll put it on this list.

You can also e-mail Jolanda to order the Disch CD. This CD was made by 'Ivory Boy' Patrick Iliohan, a Nits fan who died of cancer. Rob Kloet and Henk Hofstede play on almost every song. Youp van het Hek sings on one song. It was recorded in the Werf (a picture of the Werf is on the CD cover). It costs 25 guilders and all proceeds go to the cancer foundation. I (Dennis) really recommend to buy this CD, because not only is it for a good cause, the music is also very good and of course there's the Nits involvement that should make it interesting for every Nits fan.

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