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Greatest Nits INC - General Photos

Here you'll find photos that are of a more general nature and don't fit in any of the other catagories.

Informational Flyers

flyer-NL.jpg (101153 bytes) flyer-ENG.jpg (108086 bytes)
Dutch & English Flyers
(Designed & Scanned by Dennis Versteeg, photo courtesy of Nits)

Dutch Teletekst (Text TV) Anouncement

tt372.jpg (41258 bytes) Translation of the text:

Because The Nits are going strong for already over 25 years,
the fanclub organizes 'Greatest Nits - International Nits Conconvention' on Sunday November 19th. All present Nits members and various ex-members will drop by at the Stairway To Heaven in Utrecht. For info and tickets consult the site::

There are some mistakes in the text (fanclub?). The editors of this page really did their job: editing the message I sent them, but the main point comes across!

Image captured by Dennis Versteeg from internet

Vecht-, Amstel- en Rijnstreek Article

VAR.jpg (41269 bytes) Regional newspaper, 16-11-00











Article provided by Clemens van Driel

Utrechts Nieuwsblad Anouncement

utrnieuws.jpg (7357 bytes) Short ad in a regional paper, 15-11-00

Article provided by Clemens van Driel

Les Inrockuptibles

inrocku.jpg (15941 bytes) Even in France there was an ad!






Article provided by Franck Ducourant (who gave it to Clemens van Driel, who gave it to me..)

Stariway To Heaven Flyer

stairwayflyer.jpg (49333 bytes) Stairway To Heaven made their own promotional flyer











Flyer provided by Clemens van Driel


Ticket.jpg (40177 bytes) The ticket!





Designed & Scanned by Dennis Versteeg, photo courtesy of Nits

Frog remix CD

This CD was given to everyone who bought a ticket.
This remix isn't available elesewhere.

Also a free Ivory Boy CD single was given away courtesy of PIAS records.






Image linked from
Scan by Jochen Stein

Van Driel Family Welcoming Committee and Ticket Office

inc01.JPG (196832 bytes) Clemens mobilized his wife and children to
check for tickets and give out all the free stuff. They also helped out a lot with other things and did a great job!

In this picture Tom Telman enters and is thoroughly checked...






Photo by Wojciech

Nits Meeting Sign

utrecht2000-sign.jpg (34312 bytes) Of course the 'official' Nits Meeting sign was there! Before it was present at the Mega Meetings in Amsterdam (December 1998) and Helsinki (May 2000).






Image linked from
Photo by Jochen Stein

Organizers Thanks

organizersthanks.jpg (108023 bytes) At the end the organizing committee was asked to the stage.
Thank yous were flying around everywhere!






Photo by Deena Omar.

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