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Zoetermeer 30-10-98

These photos were taken by Erik Honig at the Zoetermeer concert on October the 30th 1998
during the Nits Alankomaat concert.

Photo 1:

House of Jacob (1)
Screens: Helsinki, cars and trams, filmed around the corner

Photo 2:

House of Jacob (2)

Photo 3

House of Jacob (3)

Photo 4

Soul man
Screens: Station of Helsinki

 Photo 5

Sister Rosa
Screens: Postcards of nuns, monks and children

Photo 6

In the Dutch mountains
Screens: White cows

Photo 7

Letter to E.
Screens: Seals swimming around

Photo 8

the Train
Screens: Helsinki, Top of the Torni Hotel

Photo 9

the Train

Photo 10

the Train or the Dream

Photo 11

the Dream
Screens: Underwater plants and a man walking on ice

Photo 12

Wall in China

Screens: Flowers and branches

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